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Santiago de Chile
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Chadwick & Reymond has its origins in of one of the most prestigious and traditional law firms in Chile, Aldunate y Cía and its successor Chadwick & Aldunate. Today, Chadwick & Reymond represents this history as a boutique law firm managed by its partners with a distinctive tradition of excellence.

Chadwick & Reymond is committed with offering an integral service to individuals as well as local and international corporations, distinguishing themselves by their distinctive personalized services and excellence. The firm’s mission is to help their clients to optimize their business decisions and keeping their interests safe.

The participation in numerous negotiations of great complexity and economic impact as well as dispute resolution in both Public and Private law in the international spectrum, position Chadwick & Reymond as an experimented and renowned law firm in areas such as Public and Private Infrastructure, Energy, Real Estate, Project Finance, Corporate Law, with a special dedication as well to Arbitration.

Herman Chadwick Piñera

Herman is a managing partner in Chad Chadwick & Reymond, his legal experience is profoundly linked to the business world, performing as the CEO of various local and international companies, as well as several associations.

He graduated in Law from La Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He is currently and Advisor for the Mediation and Arbitration Centre of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CAM Santiago). Until April 2014 and throughout 13 years he was advisor, vice-president and president of the National Television Council. He was also the president of Asociación de Concesionarios de Obras de Infraestructura Pública A.G., COPSA. (Infraestructure Association)

Rodrigo Riquelme Yanez

Rodrigo Riquelme Yanez is a lawyer from Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Chile, He did postgraduate studies of Administrative Law at Universidad de Salamanca in Spain and he did a Master in Constitucional Law with maximum distinction at Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Chile, furthermore other studies abroad.

He speaks Spanish, English and French.

Usually he writes in lawfull media and specialized magazines.

Nowadays he is partner in the law firm, his professional practice is based on national and international litigation and arbitration on public works tenders, and big projects of infrastructure and construction.

Likewise he is specialist on Public Law, public contratacting, tenders, energy, Health Law and Administrative Law.

He collaborates in the Latin Lawyer 2017 into the Construction Law area, he is member of the Chilean Bar Association as well as the Chilean Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Chile) and the Chilean Chamber of Construction (CCHC), among others well known Associations.

  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • Constructure
  • Contracting & Public Law
  • Corporative & Business
  • Merges & Acquisitions
  • Education
  • Infrastructure & Real State
  • Growth & Founding Projects
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Investment & Estate Management
  • Tax Law & Accounting Services

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