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The purpose of this letter is to inform you of EURO LATAM LEX- a new, innovative and exciting project which we firmly believe in and would like you to be part of.

EURO LATAM LEX aims to be a network of independent law firm on five continents. Each firm is excelling in its jurisdiction and providing top tier legal and business services between two traditionally separated continents.

Due to the transnational nature of their business, the globalisation of the economy and the development of new technologies, we have seen an increasing tendency in our clients requiring legal services in various jurisdictions worldwide.

Many firms with few or no branches in other countries have struggled to offer a unified service that their clients require, mainly due to barriers such as: language; divergence in legal systems; lack of coordination; and excessive costs.

Given these problems and the occasional dissatisfaction of clients, many of us have at one point or another joined a Lawyers Association- a great tool for the referral of legal work. However, at an operative level we have been equally dissatisfied due to the lack of coordination between members, resulting in a fractioned and more expensive service to clients.

With this in mind we decided to create EURO LATAM LEX. Our main objective is to be an organization of independent law firms, providing clients with first class services through attorneys with a range of professional experience and an international outlook. We wish to facilitate and increase communications amongst members whilst improving members' capacity to serve the needs of their clients. Furthermore, EURO LATAM LEX seeks to match clients between different law firms in different jurisdictions.

The members of EURO LATAM LEX shall maintain complete autonomy; shall render professional services to their clients on an individual and separate basis; shall not be restricted in referring, handling or accepting cases or in joining other professional organizations; and are not affiliated to the joint practice of law.

Please find attached our position paper which explains in more detail the objectives, benefits and structure of EURO LATAM LEX as well as the main requirements for membership.

This network is a joint initiative in which all members will benefit greatly, and we would be delighted if you would consider joining us- expanding your company through new, unexplored markets and potential clients.

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Javier Cremades García
President of EURO LATAM LEX

Benita Ferrero Waldner
Co-President of EURO LATAM LEX




The Meeting of the Founding Members of EURO LATAM LEX was held in the Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo offices (Calle Jorge Juan 30, 28001, Madrid, Spain) on 10th June 2016.


The Founding Members of EURO LATAM LEX declare that the purpose of this Network will be the following:

  1. EURO LATAM LEX aims to be a network of independent law firms on five continents. Each of which is excelling in its own jurisdiction. Each member has an in-depth knowledge of their local practice and business environment, paired with an international outlook.
  2. Each member firm will provide legal services on an autonomous basis and will endeavour to provide their regional, national, and international clients with outstanding legal services at reasonable costs. Member firms will supplement their own expertise and resources with those of other members.
  3. The main aim of the Association is to be present in every jurisdiction in both continents, with representation in most of the major cities.
  4. Each Member Firm will work with other members and clients to develop flexible service models ranging from simple referrals to integrated teams. We believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and in delivering superior value through the services we provide.
  5. Each member firm should be independent- being responsible for its staff and work products.
  6. All member firms commit to the operation and development of EURO LATAM LEX, including participation in annual meetings, timely payment of fees, and prompt response to the Networks requests and referrals from other firms.
  7. EURO LATAM LEX will organize annual conferences, for its members and clients that will focus on important business and legal issues, as well as formation issues.
  8. Develop an exclusive and unique ‘Young Lawyer Exchange Programme’ which offers members an effective way of getting to know other firms and may enable member firms to attract better young lawyers. It will also create bonds between the firms.
  9. Javier Cremades, Chairman of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo, and Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Partner at Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo, will lead EURO LATAM LEX operations, administration and development from the EURO LATAM LEX headquarters in Madrid.
  10. Every member Firm will contribute an annual fee for the maintenance of the web page, organization and all the administrative needs of the Association.

Furthermore, the Founding Members discussed the following obligations and resolutions:

EURO LATAM LEX will promote the freedom of enterprise, freedom of commerce and the protection of private property.

EURO LATAM LEX will help with the creation of working groups in different areas.

EURO LATAM LEX will be a non-exclusive International Network.

EURO LATAM LEX will meet once a year. The next meeting will take place in January 2017, in Madrid.

EURO LATAM LEX will promote the preparation of periodical newsletters.

EURO LATAM LEX will promote the organizations of seminars for clients.

EURO LATAM LEX will design a logo so that members can place it on their website.

EURO LATAM LEX declares that all members’ initiatives are welcome and will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

EURO LATAM LEX members agree that the relationship with the media is indispensable and all members should be continually working on it.

Javier Cremades welcomes other members on the international council to get involved in the defence of Leopoldo López and the accusations against him by the Venezuelan Government.

Madrid (Spain), June 10, 2016

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