Euro-Latam Lex
Mutual Exchange of knowledge and expertise

The 4th Congress of Euro Latam Lex will be hosted in Madrid,
on 26th and 27th October 2018:
"International Arbitration"

Download draft, subject to change (PDF)

“We promote the establishment and the continuous enhancement of the social, political, business and legal relationships between Europe and Latin America; there is still too little exploited, too much work to do and an amazing potential business and commercial environment, especially for those clients who wish to do business in both areas of the world”

  • Will promote the freedom of enterprise, the free trade and private property.
  • Will work on the creation of truly networking teams.
  • Will promote the business between Europe and Latin American countries.
  • Will be a non-exclusive International Network.
  • Will promote the organizations of conferences and the connections between law firms and law firms as well as with clients and potential clients.
  • EURO LATAM LEX declares that all members’ initiatives are welcome and will be reviewed by headquarters.
  • We are believed that we are the key role because our geographical position (Spain) a between two cultures, one in Europe, particularly Eastern and Central Europe and another in Latin America.
  • ELLEX has his headquartes in Madrid.
Download the IV ELLEX Congress Program
International Arbitration and artificial Intelligence
“A look towards future” held on October 26,27

Download draft, subject to change (PDF)

Download the International Congress program
"Getting together for worldwide Businesses and Law" held on October 26,27